Even if you’re buying a new construction home, I recommend ordering a home inspection. Here’s why.


Why get a home inspection for a new construction property? 

Today I’m on-site at a David Weekley Homes new construction property that a client of mine is buying to answer that question. They’re done building the house, and all that’s left is the home inspection. The inspector is Tom Eiland, who joins me in the video to discuss how inspections benefit new construction buyers. 

“Even during new construction, important things can get missed.”

In situations like this, a private inspector reinspects all the elements of the home that get inspected anyway. Specifically, they’ll inspect how things are installed (e.g., siding or roof installations) and other factors that don’t get picked up during municipal inspections. 

Municipal inspectors, for example, won’t check whether every single outlet or light works, or whether there are problematic construction materials. Tom sometimes finds mold in attics of new construction homes because the building material was wet when it was installed. They also won’t check for systemic issues—like if there was a problem with the home’s drainage—or recalled items.

In short, private inspectors notice the stuff nobody else sees. If you order a private inspection on top of the municipal inspection, you can move forward with your purchase with greater peace of mind. You also have a building consultant you can ask for advice. Your broker should be able to help you interpret their inspection report as it relates to your area. Building in Tigard, for instance, is different than building in Happy Valley 

Even during new construction, important things can get missed, which is why I always recommend getting a home inspection no matter what property you’re buying.

If you have questions about new construction inspections or real estate in general, reach out via phone or email. We would love to help you.