I run down seven reasons why you should stage your home before you sell.

Should you stage your home? Every real estate agent will tell you yes, but they might not tell you why. Today I want to run through seven benefits of staging your home:

1. Functional obsolescence. This is a fancy real estate term, but it just means that you can show how flaws in your floor plan aren’t really flaws. If you have a challenging floor plan that takes away from your home, staging can help buyers envision how they might use the space. 

2. You can stand out from your competition. If you live in an area where most of the homes are similar, staging can make your property stand out. 

“If you stage your home, you could sell quickly and for more money. ”

3. It brightens up a blank canvas. This is especially true for new construction homes. Putting furniture in an otherwise brand-new house will make it feel less sterile and more comfortable. 

4. It helps with in-person and online viewings. Statistically, buyers are more likely to view a home if the photos include staging. 

5. You get more showings. If your home looks great, more buyers will look at your home, and you’ll receive more high-quality offers. Also, 53% of listing agents report that staged homes sell quicker. This is likely because it encourages buyers to visit your home. 

6. Staging adds value for your buyers. Buyers’ agents report that staging is becoming increasingly important for their clients.

7. It helps people visualize living in your property. If buyers can picture themselves living in your place, they’re more likely to overlook small faults. 

If you don’t want to go all-in with conventional staging, my team offers another option called a staging consultation. We’ll bring in a staging professional to stage your home using your furniture and décor. You’ll probably have to take down personal photos and make a few changes, but this option is a great way to get the benefits of staging while you still live in your home. 

If you have any questions about staging or anything else real estate-related, please call or email me or my team. We are always willing to help.