Here are the five things to consider when hiring a listing agent.

I’ve been selling real estate for more than 20 years, so I know what I’m doing. Today I’m sharing five things you need to consider when hiring a listing agent:

1. Get an agent with a digital marketing strategy. Many people are under the impression that the current market is just taking care of itself. In some cases that’s true, but the broker you hire makes a difference in how much exposure you get. Exposure is the key because that’s how many people are looking at your home. You’re currently reading this article because I have a marketing strategy that goes directly to you. 

Your real estate agent should consider the types of strategies that will get the right buyers for your house. Having a great marketing strategy that includes detailed digital marketing is crucial, and not many brokers do it. 

2. Get an agent that is an experienced negotiator. Another critical aspect of your agent is that they know how to negotiate well. Everyone knows a licensed Realtor; a slew of people are entering the real estate field right now because they think it’s easy to do. However, almost no one gets trained in negotiating. When I got back into real estate 20 years ago, I was trained to negotiate, and now I’m even better with that much more experience. You need someone who can protect your dollar and advocate for your best interests. 

“The broker you hire makes a difference in how much exposure you get.”

3. Get an agent that has a pricing strategy. Get a Realtor who helps you understand your property and how to price it correctly. Pricing is essential; an array of things are involved in pricing, and in Portland, we don’t have a bunch of cookie-cutter neighborhoods. We have tons of eclectic-type neighborhoods where the houses can vary in price by hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on where it sits. This leads me to my next point…

4. Get an agent who understands how location affects marketing. You need an agent who can look at your property and say things like, “Let’s talk about what you have. Where is your home located? Do you have nuances like power lines in your backyard? Does your home sit next to a busy road? Are you on a cul-de-sac next to green space?”

5. Get an agent that factors in the condition of your property. A house that was built in the ‘70s that has quite a bit of the original aspects doesn’t compare in price to a house that was built in the 2000s. Your Realtor needs to be able to look at it very diplomatically and assess what the price range for your particular house is. 

If your agent does all these things, they’ll have a huge impact on maximizing the price for your home. 

If you’re thinking about selling, let’s talk. What I discussed above is what I talk about with all my clients. We’ll sit down and discuss strategy and decide what’s best for you. I pride myself on innovation and keeping up with market trends and technology to support my community and help my clients. 

If you have questions about this topic or want to talk about it further, call me. I would love to help you.