Here’s what you need to know about the latest interest rate news.

In recent weeks, the fluctuating interest rates have significantly impacted the real estate market, and I want to shed light on this experience to help those unfamiliar with my day-to-day role.

Around early November to October, interest rates reached 8%, and the consequences were notable. The market seemed to hit a sudden slowdown, causing a noticeable decrease in showings and overall activity. As an active agent, I could observe fewer showings for my listings, and even earnest buyers became more cautious, demanding near perfection before committing to a purchase. This period saw a rise in inventory sitting on the market, increased days on market, and a general decrease in demand.

However, the scenario recently shifted as interest rates started to decline due to positive inflation reports. Currently hovering around 7.25% to 7.3%, this reduction brought an immediate boost in showings, increased buyer activity, and more robust open houses. The market responded swiftly from a fear-based environment to a more optimistic one.

“Rates will probably level out around the 6% range.”

It’s crucial to understand that the real estate market is intricately tied to interest rates. When rates rise, activity tends to decline, and vice versa. This sensitivity is universal across the industry, and everyone is affected by it. The recent decrease in interest rates has already led to positive changes, indicating the market’s responsiveness to these fluctuations.

However, should rates remain high, especially around the 8% mark, it could exert downward pressure on pricing. Portland has already witnessed numerous price reductions across neighborhoods due to this affordability challenge.

Speaking of affordability, it’s essential to consider the broader perspective. Just three years ago, interest rates were low enough that buyers could afford 50% more house for their money compared to today. Although payments have increased, understanding this historical context is crucial for buyers grappling with affordability concerns.

Looking ahead, while a significant drop in interest rates might not be imminent, rates will probably level out around the 6% range. If you have questions about what this means for your real estate decisions, you can call or email me. I hope to hear from you soon!